Warm weather and summer is upon us and we thought it might be time for a quick refresher on making sure you take care of your personal health and wellness this time of year. We know that schedules get busy, and we all live the fast life this season, so we thought a quick rundown of ways to stay healthy this summer would be just what we all need.


1. Be sure to rest.

It’s something that seems so obvious, but something we have to remind ourselves of often. Especially in a world where we can get lost scrolling for hours, we have to remember when we are getting to bed much later than normal after nightly activities, to put the phone down, shut off the tv, and get some shut eye. Routines will likely vary but get busier in the summer months. Sleep is important and we strongly encourage you to aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Make it a priority!

2. Get to moving.

Moving your body is always important, but this time of year allows us to move about more freely. It’s not too cold, and frigid, or even dangerous to be outside in the freezing temps. Take advantage of the weather and catch a walk with friends, go to the gym, or whatever it takes to just move. There are so many fun ways to get to moving – dance classes, Zumba… look around your area. We know there’s a lot of options.

3. Stay hydrated.

Just as it’s important to move about often in the summer, it’s also more important than anything to stay hydrated. As you move and sweat more, your body is losing fluids and it’s important to replace and replenish what you’re losing. Staying hydrated does many things for your body, but most importantly, allows your organs to function properly. Drink your water! PRO TIP: if you keep a full water bottle with you wherever you are, and wherever you go, it’s more likely you’ll drink enough water when you give yourself ample opportunities throughout the day.

4. Make sure you practice sun safety.

There are many things to remember when you’re in the sun. One very important tip is mentioned above – stay hydrated. Lots of time in the sun can absolutely make you dehydrated. On top of what’s already been mentioned, make sure you always have sun protection – whether that’s sunscreen, sun shirt, sun hat, sunglasses… just make sure you protect your body and your skin. The sun is great to maintain Vitamin D, but we also have to be careful we don’t get sunburnt, or worse yet, sun poisoning from spending too much time unprotected.


Summer is here and we want you to take it in and enjoy it. We are hoping this summer allows a little more activity and freedom. However, it’s still important to keep your distance and be smart, but also try to stay tuned with the above that we have recommended. Your health and wellness is important!

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