Great friends are hard to come by, they are rare and often hard to find. However, once you find them, don’t let them go. In order to live life to its fullest, it takes a village and the people that you surround yourself with make all of the difference in how you carry on with your day. Not only do we search out the gems and want to find the best, but we also should strive to be the best. Here are a few practical tips to being a great friend and positioning yourself to be the personal that everyone wants to spend time with and be around.

  1. Friendly check-ins. You don’t have to be overbearing and talk every day, but sometimes a friendly check in to make sure that those closest to you are doing well, goes a very long way. Don’t you like to be checked on? Whether it’s a best friend, a boyfriend, or a family member, you feel good when people check on you. You feel that you are worthy of their time and concern about you. Special times to check in – if you know a friend is going through a tough time mentally, if a friend is sick or been sick for some time, struggling to make a tough decision, or anything that might involve ongoing stress on someone. Take time to check in every now and then.
  2. Quality time. Actions always speak louder than words. It means a lot to check in on someone and make sure they’re doing okay or have what they need in whatever their situation may be. However, it means a lot if you take time out of your schedule to plan a date or girls night out. Girl time can make a lot of difference, be sure to reach out to those friends you care about and see if they want to spend time together.
  3. Health is important! Just as it is important that we worry and maintain our own health, it also means a lot if you care and try to help those around you be healthy. Both mental and physical health are important. If you think a friend is struggling with eating, drinking enough water, or maybe forming some unhealthy habits, see what you can do to be a good friend to them.

Similar to the health point, if your friend is facing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for her options, we are here to help. Be sure to be a great friend and encourage her to get the help she needs. At Pregnancy Help NYC, our staff is trained and equipped to work with women who are experiencing pregnancies and who need their options. Whether they are looking for an abortion in NYC, wanting to parent, or get more information on adoption – we will be your first step!

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