Valentine’s Day is one of those days that has a way to single out the single girls and make them feel down about something they should absolutely not feel bad about! No matter if you have a guy friend or not, we have several fun ways for you to spend the evening with your girlfriends and have a fun night you won’t forget.

• Grab the mic! Make it a karaoke night. Some nights are best to be dance and sung away – Valentine’s Day is no exception. Grab your friends, gather around, and sing it sister! No matter if your musical preference is rock, country, or rap… you will be sure to make wonderful memories.
• Take a virtual dance class. Maybe singing isn’t your thing, but you want to learn some new dance moves. There is nothing better than putting your comfy shoes on, grabbing your besties, and pretend like you’re preforming live on Dancing with the Stars. To sign up, you can just google “virtual dance class” and you’ll have plenty to choose from!
• Try a fitness class. A virtual dance class is sure to be a workout, but in case dancing isn’t your thing, a fun way to pass your time and also make you feel good and get your endorphins going would be to live stream a fitness class of your choice.
• Get together and paint your favorite canvas. Maybe today isn’t a day of romance for you, or a day that brings you fond memories, so pick something that does and embrace that memory or experience by painting it with your friends. Maybe it’s your perfect doodle, or a whimsical park scene that makes you feel comfort… so spend the night painting away what makes your soul sing!
• Ice cream party! Alright, alright… who said ice cream?!!? But seriously, we don’t know about you, but ice cream has our hearts. So, what better way to celebrate the “day of love” than by what YOU love most? Host an ice cream party by buying ice cream, and don’t forget to get all of the toppings – Oreos, M-n-Ms, pecans, chocolate chips, fudge, vanilla, strawberries, etc. PRO TIP: pink sprinkles will really put the party over the top for this holiday. Having your friends over for such a party is sure to be a night you all won’t forget.
o If you’re anything like us, we also don’t want a ton of cleanup. In order to maximize the fun and minimize the mess, buy all of the disposable spoons and bowls so you won’t be slaving over the sink and doing dishes once everyone is done with their ice cream.

And, if you really want to get crazy, grab your gals, get together, and do all of the above. Happy Valentine’s Day! We know you’ll make the best of the day of love.

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